Project leaflets
Informative project leaflets available for download:
  1. The results of the preliminary iNTeg-Risk survey conducted in 2007 had shown a substantial level of interest in industrial Emerging Risks (ERs) due to new technologies, thus by bringing together leading EU industries and renowned R&D institutions, the iNTeg-Risk project aims to come up with a package of solutions that address ERs based on the 17 individual applications of new technologies such as nano, new materials, etc. identified within the scope of the project; hereafter referred to as Emerging Risks Representative Applications (ERRAs) ... - Read more iNTeg-Risk leaflet June 2010

  2. As the project approaches the end of its second year of the planned duration, some of the main accomplishments worth highlighting are the integration of the ERRAs in Risk Atlas; an innovative system developed within the project for the mapping of emerging and other risks through layers of data related to hazards and vulnerabilities, ... - Read more iNTeg-Risk leaflet September 2010

  3. By the spring of 2011, the iNTeg-Risk project has shown significant progress with several key achievements such as more than 900 early warnings (iNTeg-Risk "notions") were acquired and partly processed in RiskEars; a state-of-the-art system developed within the project for the acquisition and monitoring of early warnings, ... - Read more iNTeg-Risk leaflet September 2011

  4. As the project passes its half-way mark and nears the end of its planned duration, the European Emerging Risk Radar (E2R2) initiative is proposed as one of the ways to ensure sustainability of the iNTeg-Risk results after the project ends in May 2013. This initiative is envisaged as a platform that enables the recognition, monitoring and management of new/emerging risks at the European level ... - Read more iNTeg-Risk E2R2 leaflet September 2012_english iNTeg-Risk E2R2 leaflet September 2012_german