Acronym: iNTeg-Risk
Start date: December 1, 2008
End date: May 31, 2013
Total project value: ~ 19.3 million €
Project coordinator: European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management EEIG (EU-VRi), Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Jovanovic
Total number of partners: 85
Contact person (name/email): Prof. Dr. Alkesandar Jovanovic /
Project webpage R-Tech/EU-VRi:
Official webpage (coordinator):
The example shows a critical vulnerability-hazard pair (nuclear power plant Fukushima and epicenter of an earthquake) in RiskAtlas
Description: iNTeg-Risk (Early Recognition, Monitoring, and Integrated Management of Emerging, New Technology related Risks) is a project that responds to the call of offer from the FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development) in the area of “Nano-sciences, Nano-technologies, Materials and new Production Technologies”. iNTeg-Risk coordinates research and development sub-projects related to new materials and technologies for establishing a common EU approach to face the challenge of emerging risks within the next 15 years.The main goal of iNTeg-Risk – Project is to establish a holistic approach for facing the challenge of emerging risks, due to new materials and technologies, within the next 15 years.
R-Tech Specific Role: R-Tech is actively involved and plays an important role in the technical development of tools / applications for improving early recognition and monitoring of emerging risks (e.g. RiskEars, Risk Atlas, etc.). R-Tech has main tasks attributed to WP1.6: Integration on the level of ERRAs, WP2.4: KPI : Agreed Method on how to build iNTeg-Risk KPIs, WP3.4: I3: Integrative ERRA #3: Industrial zone of Pančevo-South, WP3.5: Convert the ERRAs in a network of virtual reference facilities (ENISFER), WP3.7: Interactions with One-stop-shop and the ERMF, WP4.4: Decision Support System for emerging risks based on KPIs (DSS-KPI), WP4.9: Workshop Agreements CEN, WP4.10: iNTeg-Risk Training, Technology Transfer, Education & Qualification in the area of Emerging Risks, WP5.2: Creation of the common IT infrastructure for project management, collaborative tools, reporting, web-based conferences, Quality Management, and WP5.4: Ensuring sustainability of iNTeg-Risk results and commercial exploitation after the project.

Project structure and main planned achievements

The iNTeg-Risk solution is based on the analysis of 17 individual applications of new technologies, the so-called iNTeg-Risk ERRAs - Emerging Risk Representative Applications in EU Industry, involving e.g. nanotechnologies, H2 technologies, underground storage of CO2, new materials. The solutions from these single applications have been generalized and have been used for the definition of the iNTeg-Risk framework.

The solution is being made available to the users in the form of the iNTeg-Risk "one-stop shop". The solution includes issues of early recognition and monitoring of emerging risks, communication, governance, pre-standardization, education & training, dissemination, as well as new tools such as Safetypedia, Atlas of Emerging Risks, Reference Library, etc.

The subprojects in iNTeg-Risk, listed below, reflect the approach described above:

Subproject 1: Technology cases - Identifying specific emerging risks and developing solutions for iNTeg-Risk framework

Subproject 2: Creating an integrated scientific & technology framework for analysis and management of emerging risks

Subproject 3: Verifying SP 2 results and validating the whole method

Subproject 4: iNTeg-Risk integrated EU solution, the “iNTeg-Risk one-stop-shop” for solutions addressing emerging risks

Subproject 5: PROJECT MANAGEMENT & MORE: Managing iNTeg-Risk and creating its “post-project” infrastructure