*Technische Universitaet Braunschweig
The fields of research of the Institute of Aerospace Sytems are flight mechanics and control , unmanned aircraft systems, airborne geosciences and space technology. The main focus of the work group Unmanned Aircraft Systems is adaptive flight control and navigation for unmanned aircraft systems as well as their scientific application. The research of flight mechanics and control also comprises nonlionear simulation of various aircraft configurations. The work group Airborne Geosciences uses the helicopter-borne sonde Helipod and the the meteorological Mini-UAV M²AV to perform meteorological field campeigns. These high-resolution turbulence measurement devices are currently being upgraded and will also be available for cooperation with other scientists. The work group Space Technology deals with trajectory mechanics of satellites on Earth orbits. The group focuses on the following fields: precise calculation of satellite trajectories, prediction of the trajectory and reentry of small satellites, simulation of the origin and distribution of space debris, calculation of the density of satellites, upper rocket stages and debris parts in the perigee.