University of Pisa
The Department of Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry and Materials Science of the University of Pisa (DICCISM), has a broad spectrum of research activities covering Industrial Chemistry, Organic Industrial Chemistry, Materials Science and Applied Chemistry, Principles of Chemical Engineering, Process Equipment and Chemical Plant Design, Process and Chemical Plant Control, Metallurgy, Biomedical Materials and Polymers. The Department is currently staffed by 10 Full Professors, 14 Associate Professors, 12 Assistant Professors, 6 Administrative technicians and 13 Technicians.
The Department promotes and develops the research and the academic activities in the framework of industrial safety, mainly focused on actual applications in the process industry. The Department participates to the research activities of CONPRICI (CONsorzio Interuniversitario per la Prevenzione e la Protezione dai RIschi Chimico-Industriali) with other Italian universities and will act as a Research Unit of the CONPRICI consortium in the Integ-Risk project